Moulding and Machining

Architraves, Skirting and Moulding

Hunt’s Joinery provide moulding and machining services for custom architraves and skirting. We can match existing profiles to ensure continuity throughout your home or property, and we can also get special knives made to create unique, bespoke profiles.

We encourage you to browse our online gallery to see some examples of previous work we have done and if you would like more information or a quote, please get in touch on (02) 5777 0080.

Custom Architraves:

Architraves are used to hide any gaps or spacing between the wall lining, door jam or window frame, and are available in a wide range of different styles and profiles. At Hunt’s Joinery, we specialise in the unique – we can custom create any style to order. Bring in any images or examples of the look that you’d like, and our team will work closely with you to replicate it or to create something similar based on your requirements. We have a wide range of cutters available to achieve different profiles, and we can also look at getting a new one custom made to suit your project specifically.

Matching Skirting:

Skirting boards play both a functional and aesthetic role – they help protect your walls from everyday wear and tear while also adding a nice finishing touch to your home. The team at Hunt’s Joinery have a number of different skirting profiles to select from to suit different styles – whether you are restoring a property with a classic style or looking for something more modern, we can help you find the perfect solution.

We can also replicate existing skirting profiles which is great if you are extending or renovating your home and want to match your existing skirting. We can usually replicate even the most detailed skirting profiles with our existing cutters, but we can also get new cutters made to build your custom skirting. We offer an extensive range of timber if you’d like a natural stained finish or we can pre-paint it before installation if necessary.

Moulding and Machining:

Our Tamworth workshop is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of projects. We continuously invest in our tools, equipment and machinery ensuring that we are able to keep up with the requirements of our customers while also maintaining the high-quality standard that we are known for. All of our machinery is new – both our spindle moulder and planter moulder were purchased in 2015 – which ensures an accurate finish to all of our work.

Architraves, Skirting and Moulding

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 for more information about our custom timber joinery services including architraves and skirting.