Custom Made Doors

Tamworth Custom Doors

Hunt’s Joinery are a Tamworth joinery workshop, building custom doors to suit your needs from high quality timber and hardware. Our doors are available in a range of timbers including specialty foreign species, all of which are forestry certified.

Get in touch with us on (02) 5777 0080 to request a quote from one of our friendly experts. We conduct check-measures across Narrabri, Scone, Gunnedah, Armidale and other local areas, with installation also available for an additional fee.

Custom doors we manufacture include:

  • Entry doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Bifold doors
  • Hinged doors

All our doors come with a six-year warranty, plus any warranty provided by the hardware manufacture, which is usually one year. As members of the Window and Door Industry Council (WADIC), you can trust that we follow all industry standards and build to a high quality that our customers expect.

Entry Doors:

Upgrading your entry door with a custom-made solution is a sure-fire way to transform the look of your house and set yourself apart from your neighbours. Our custom joinery workshop is equipped to build anything you desire. Hardware manufacturers we commonly use include Gainsborough, Tradco and Superior Brass, but we can usually source any brand you desire. Whether you’re after a more old-fashioned lever-style handle or something more modern, we’ll find the right option for your needs.

Types of entry doors we manufacture include:

  • Double-sided entry doors
  • Arched entry doors
  • Glazed entry doors
  • Timber flyscreen doors
  • Barn / shed entry doors

Your new entry door can come with a matching custom frame, or be built to integrate with your existing frame system. We offer timber and aluminium flyscreen doors, plus a range of versatile hardware options to suit your style and budget. Paint and staining options include a range of colours and tones to match or complement your house perfectly.

Sliding Doors:

Sliding doors have been the standard for Australian backyard entries for decades, and our custom timber designs bring a touch of elegance to them. We use smooth rolling hardware and develop custom frames to ensure seamless operation for years to come. Integrated glazing made to Australian standards is included, plus Brio retractable insect screens are also available.

Bifold Doors:

Bifold doors are incredibly versatile and add a touch of modernity to your home. They can be used for anything from closet doors to patio entrances. Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular, owing to their trendiness and ability to transform cramped areas into spacious entertainment areas.

We can integrate glazing into your custom timber bifolds or ornate timber designs for a more elegant look. Brio retractable flyscreens are available to protect your family from bugs without sacrificing on the bifold versatility. Your custom bifolds and frames will be built with high quality hardware of your choice, allowing for seamless folding and sliding with light operation.

Hinged Doors:

We build one-off and matching sets of internal doors in your choice of timber, stain, handle, latches and more. Matching frames and door jambs can be made to suit, or we can integrate with your existing frame.

We can also replicate your existing doors. Whether your existing doors are looking a bit worse for wear or you’re doing renovations and can’t find your existing doors anywhere in store, we’ve got you covered. We’re timber and finishing experts and can easily replicate the look of your existing doors.

Custom Timber Doors

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 for more information about our custom timber doors and other joinery services.

Custom Made Windows

Tamworth Custom Windows

Hunt’s Joinery is a custom joinery workshop based in Tamworth, providing custom window solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our workshop manager has more than 35 years of experience in the industry and has operated Hunts’ Joinery for over 15 years. We work across the wider Tamworth area, including Gunnedah, Narrabri, Scone, Armidale and more.

For a measure, quote, or to discuss our capabilities, speak to one of our friendly team on (02) 5777 0080.

Custom windows we manufacture include:

  • Sliding windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Bifold windows

All our timber is forest-certified and sourced sustainably. We have a broad range of species, including local types, plus foreign timbers such as American White Oak and more. As members of the Window and Door Industry Council, you can trust that we build to industry standards and stay on top of industry trends to provide you with the best level of service possible. All our windows come with six year warranties plus a manufacturer’s warranty on hardware faults, in addition to any warranties provided at law.

Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows are a favourite in the Australian climate, owing to their simple integration of flyscreens and seamless operation. We build to any size and offer both timber glazed and flyscreen sliding windows, with glazing options including various tints and double glazing available.

Our sliding windows are built with high quality timber and are skilfully painted or stained to ensure minimal weather damage occurs over their lifetime. We use high quality hardware from the likes of Superior Brass, Gainsborough and Tradco, with smooth rolling technology that makes operating them a breeze. Choose from different locks and handles to suit your home styling.

Double Hung Windows:

Double hung windows are great for airflow and are a classic style, suited to all kinds of homes. Another reason people love double hung windows is that they are ease to clean; if you’re hanging windows in an area that’s hard to reach outside, the flexibility of double hung windows makes cleaning effortless.

Options include double-glazing, choice of timber, colour and staining. Double hung windows often come with sashes divided into panes, but we can also build you double hung windows with one-piece sashes.

Casement Windows:

Casement windows bring a touch of classic styling and are a favourite amongst timber homeowners. They look beautiful, whether used to greet your guests as front-facing windows or opening out to a beautiful garden out back. Push them out at whatever angle you desire to direct your airflow or get a bit more privacy.

Awning Windows:

Typically smaller than other windows, an awning window is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen area. They’re usually placed higher up on the wall, allowing for natural light and ventilation with plenty of privacy. We use high quality hardware on our custom awning windows, which is important when exposed to harsh weather.

Hardware options include latch upgrades, locks and roll-up levers to make operation easier.

Bifold Windows:

Bifold windows are perfect for placing between serving areas and your kitchen. They’re a modern touch that can be paired with a retractable Brio insect screen for added protection from the elements. Bifold windows fold and slide along their custom frame seamlessly and are light to operate.

Our bifold windows can be built to any size in any colour or timber you desire. We build our bi-fold windows to cope with harsh Australian conditions and they reflect the styling needs of our clients. We accommodate to all your unique requirements, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Custom Timber Windows

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 for more information about our custom timber windows and other joinery services.

Stairs & Balustrading

Custom Staircase and Balustrade Manufacturing

Hunt’s Joinery provide custom staircase design, manufacturing and installation services across wider Tamworth, Armidale, Narribri, Gunnedah and Scone. We’ve been serving the wider Tamworth area for over 15 years and our workshop manager, Steven Hunt, has more than 35 years’ experience in joinery and carpentry. We design and build one-off creations for renovations and new builds, plus restoration and replacement of balustrades and handrails.

Get in touch with us on (02) 5777 0080 to arrange a measure, quote and design consultation with one of our friendly team of joinery experts.


All stairs are built to Australian standards and custom designed to suit your exact measurements. We work closely with our clients to build the staircase of their dreams.

Types of staircases we build include:

  • Conventional staircases
  • Closed staircases
  • Floating staircases
  • Spiral staircases
  • Staircase restorations
  • Outdoor staircases

All our timbers are forestry certified and sustainably sourced. Choose from gorgeous domestic timbers like Jarrah or exotic international timbers, such as American White Oak. We offer so many options for our clients and can usually source most timbers if we don’t have them in stock.

Our team both supply and install staircases. If you’ve bought a staircase somewhere else, we’re also happy to take care of installing it for you.

Handrails and balustrading:

Whether replacing your balustrades on your decking or restoring your staircase handrails, our team will work closely with you to develop a custom solution that suits your style. Different timber, stains and paint are available, plus ornate timber designs for a more elegant look. We’ll ensure all handrails and balustrading on balconies and staircases meet all relevant safety standards. Yes, we can replicate your existing balustrading or handrails!

Bespoke to suit your needs:

Each staircase we build is unique from the last. We’re always excited to build custom staircases for our customers because it allows us to show off specialised woodworking techniques and challenge ourselves. Whether you’ve thought of something yourself or want us to design something special to suit your home, completing a masterpiece from scratch is something that never gets old for us. Please visit our gallery for some examples of the custom work we do.

Custom Timber Staircases and Balustrading

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 for more information about our custom timber staircases and other joinery services.

Moulding & Machining

Architraves, Skirting and Moulding

Hunt’s Joinery provide moulding and machining services for custom architraves and skirting. We can match existing profiles to ensure continuity throughout your home or property, and we can also get special knives made to create unique, bespoke profiles.

We encourage you to browse our online gallery to see some examples of previous work we have done and if you would like more information or a quote, please get in touch on (02) 5777 0080.

Custom Architraves:

Architraves are used to hide any gaps or spacing between the wall lining, door jam or window frame, and are available in a wide range of different styles and profiles. At Hunt’s Joinery, we specialise in the unique – we can custom create any style to order. Bring in any images or examples of the look that you’d like, and our team will work closely with you to replicate it or to create something similar based on your requirements. We have a wide range of cutters available to achieve different profiles, and we can also look at getting a new one custom made to suit your project specifically.

Matching Skirting:

Skirting boards play both a functional and aesthetic role – they help protect your walls from everyday wear and tear while also adding a nice finishing touch to your home. The team at Hunt’s Joinery have a number of different skirting profiles to select from to suit different styles – whether you are restoring a property with a classic style or looking for something more modern, we can help you find the perfect solution.

We can also replicate existing skirting profiles which is great if you are extending or renovating your home and want to match your existing skirting. We can usually replicate even the most detailed skirting profiles with our existing cutters, but we can also get new cutters made to build your custom skirting. We offer an extensive range of timber if you’d like a natural stained finish or we can pre-paint it before installation if necessary.

Moulding and Machining:

Our Tamworth workshop is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of projects. We continuously invest in our tools, equipment and machinery ensuring that we are able to keep up with the requirements of our customers while also maintaining the high-quality standard that we are known for. All of our machinery is new – both our spindle moulder and planter moulder were purchased in 2015 – which ensures an accurate finish to all of our work.

Architraves, Skirting and Moulding

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 for more information about our custom timber joinery services including architraves and skirting.

Custom Projects & Restorations

Custom Joinery Projects and Restorations

Hunt’s Joinery specialise in custom joinery projects and restorations. Everything that we make is handcrafted in our Tamworth workshop by our experienced team. Our attention to detail when working on custom joinery projects is exceptional, and we can replicate any style or profile that you request.

Check out our online gallery to see some examples of the quality of our workmanship, and if you’d like to discuss your own custom project, please get in touch on (02) 5777 0080.

Custom Joinery Projects:

Our team love working on custom joinery projects as they allow us to step outside of our usual product offering to create something unique and one-of-a-kind. They are often more challenging and complex projects as well, which allows us to stretch our creative muscles to come up with a solution that is functional, attractive and meets all required Australian standards.

Often for custom projects, our clients already have a good idea of what they want. We encourage you to bring in photos or examples of the style and end result that you are after, but our experienced team can also help you create something stunning and unique from scratch.

For custom joinery projects, we usually like to assess the property or building that it is going in, so that we can check the style and check that it will fit well with the rest of the property. Some of the different custom projects that we have worked on include:

  • Decks and verandas
  • Barn / shed doors
  • Shelves
  • Timber boat work
  • Bespoke furniture

Joinery Restorations:

Hunt’s Joinery offer a restorations and replicas service – we can repair, restore or replicate any existing doors, windows, handrails or mouldings in your property. Whether you’re restoring and older home and want to maintain the style or extending your family home and can’t find the same doors and window frames to match the rest of your house, our team have got you covered. We’ll take close note of the different wood joins, timber types, stain and paint colour to ensure we get your furniture, doors or other items looking new again!

Bespoke Design:

As joinery experts with more than 15 years history serving the local Tamworth area, we’re always keen to show off our specialist woodworking skills. We’re excited with each new project we get to work on and always strive to build something unique. We’ll work tirelessly in our design and manufacturing process to ensure you get the timber product of your dreams. Your imagination is our only limitation.

Custom Joinery Projects

Get in touch with Hunt’s Joinery on (02) 5777 0080 to discuss a custom joinery project or restoration and request a quote.